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Why do Some Diets Fail

Most diets fail in the first few weeks for various reasons. All the different types of diets have different stumbling blocks for the people trying to lose weight. It is important to be aware of the obstacles prior to starting the diet so you know if you’ll be able to continue it.

One of the most popular methods of losing weight is cutting calories. This certainly does work on a short-term basis however; cutting too many calories can create a situation where dieters end up bingeing later on in the day due to hunger. The body also will sabotage your efforts by making weight loss more difficult as your calorie levels go down. Your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto every single bit of body fat and imputed calories in the attempt to stave off starvation damage. Never cut your calories below 1200 per day. If you find you are hungry all the time on your diet take a look at the types of food you’re eating. Choose a lot of high fiber, low-fat foods, and try to hide to include some healthy fats such as olive oil.

Many dieters embark on Atkins diets and other low-carb diets every single day. The problem is, carbohydrates are a main source of food for countless people and when you cut them out completely, headaches, dizziness, low energy, and even nausea can result. People get so discouraged by these physical withdrawal symptoms that they quit the diet. When you embark on this diet is very important to consume a small mail every 2 to 3 hours, do not follow hunger as a signal to eat. Most people will lose weight on these types of diets, if they can persist to the end. These diets do tend to plateau after a certain amount of lost weight. Many people eat too many high calorie protein foods on this diet, and think the calories don’t count. So even on a low-carb diet, you should avoid bacon, butter, nutrition bars.

Family meals can be a minefield for people who are dieting. Watching everybody else eat the foods that you are prohibited to enjoy makes it extremely difficult to stick with a diet. Diet plans that include one healthy meal such as Slim fast can help you feel better and not as deprived. You can decide which meal you wish to eat such a Sunday breakfast with your family, lunch with your friends, and a nice dinner out with your business colleagues.

One of the problems when people are on strict diets is what happens when they go back to eating their regular food. Meal replacement plans can be great because you don’t have to figure what you’re eating. But when you have to plan your own meals again you end up overeating and gain the weight back. Real food will always be there, so it is important to have a good relationship with eating and be aware of calories and portion sizes.