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Blasting Unhealthy Belly Fat

There are many reasons to try to have a flat midriff from looking fantastic to cutting your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Studies have shown that people who are smaller around the middle do not develop these conditions as easily as people carrying belly fat. Here are a few tips to flatten your stomach

Food: It will be no surprise that your food choices can have a huge impact on your tummy and its appearance. There is some truth to the reality of the beer belly and avoiding beer is a good start towards your flat stomach goals. Try drinking a nice glass of wine instead. Drink plenty of milk or take a calcium supplement if you don’t like dairy. Eggs are also a waist whittling food which can be consumed 3 times per week. Eat plenty of whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice and quinoa to both fill you up and cut calorie load. Include nuts in your daily diet either sprinkled on cereal or as a quick snack when you are on the run. Also, try to have a steak or other high protein meal once per day to keep your stomach flat.

Exercise: Cardio has many benefits and should be included in your daily routine to help with your abs. Try the other end of the exercise spectrum as well and practice yoga to relieve stress. Stress has been found to be a significant factor in piling on the tummy pounds. Eliminating this condition can shrink your belly. Focus your attention on the troubling region with crunches, Pilate moves and weight lifting exercises because although spot reduction does not work it is still beneficial to strengthen the muscles in this region. Ramp your workouts up a little and try a little more intensity to blast belly fat.

Other: Some other effective strategies for getting rid of this unhealthy fat is to simply be happy and content with your life. Depression has been found to contribute to this area carrying a little extra. Also try dressing a little different to camouflage your belly while dropping the pounds. This can make you feel more attractive during the process and boost your mood. So, try high-waisted tops that don’t cling to your trouble areas and jeans that have a higher rise. Low rise jeans can create the dreaded muffin top which is unattractive and uncomfortable. When nothing else seems to work you can always invest in under garments that do not accentuate your issue. A good well-fitting bra can definitely give a woman a long lean look and shape enhancing underwear is very effective in smoothing the bumps.